INCMD is the network of all 10 Communication & Multimedia Design bachelor programmes in the Netherlands. Within this network they share knowledge and ideas, organise events for lecturers and connect with companies and established professionals. Their website needed an update and after pitching my vision I got to work with them on this project.

At the start of the project, together with the client, we decided on four main goals: convey the values and ideas of INCMD, present their network, develop a modern appearance and improve the content. I then held a content workshop where we sketched user journeys and analysed the current content based on those journeys. We ended the session with brainstorming about a new sitemap.

After some iterations of the sitemap I organised another workshop, in which all stakeholders could give feedback and additional input.

From here on I started working on the design of the website. First creating rough wireframes and then working in Sketch to design a first iteration. I kept the iteration cycle short, presenting progress often. Below you can see some of the designs. The website is currently in development and will be launched soon.