Digital Natives

During my internship I worked with three different clients. The first client was Dag en Nacht, the first Dutch podcast platform. They worked with Digital Natives to help them set up their website before the platform officially launched. Whilst working with Dag en Nacht, I took part in creative sessions, sketched wireframes, built prototypes, helped design the website and worked together with front-end developers. My key learning from this project was how to effectively talk to clients. I learned that by asking the right questions, you can get better feedback on your progress and develop the product further.

The second client I worked with was Max&Luna. They were running a successful webshop for dog and cat lovers and wanted to expand into a digital platform. The client already had a specific set of ideas about the platform, so our role was to turn those ideas into effective user friendly features. I worked on the information architecture of the platform, created different user flows and wireframes and turned those into prototypes. I learned from this project, that as a designer you’re also an expert. I would often make design decisions intuitively, but it is important to back up that intuition with knowledge and reason, especially when presenting to a client.

The third client I worked with during my internship was NDSM, the former Amsterdam shipyard. It is currently an up-and-coming neighbourhood in an industrial setting. Their website was old and not functioning for their current needs. For this project we collaborated with another creative agency that focused on the visual identity. We mainly worked on the user experience of the website by doing design research, creating a sitemap, sketching wireframes and building prototypes. One of the main things I learned during this project was dealing with many different stakeholders. Designers working on their own have more control over the end product, whereas working at an agency it is important to balance the different needs of all the stakeholders.